Your First Product

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Your First Product

Product Summary

Discover how you can use the power of the web to create your own physical product and start making real profit from it. 

For some of us, the biggest draw of making money online is that sense of accomplishment. We love being able to tell people we’re entrepreneurs and we get a thrill out of earning a living on the back of our own ingenuity alone. But perhaps you’re getting to the point where that isn’t quite enough? Because sometimes, selling digital products and running blogs can start to feel a little empty. While you might be creating value, at the end of the day you’re still just selling ideas and text and nobody actually gets anything physical to hold at the end of the day.

Have you ever wanted to make a product? To create something tangible that people can actually hold in their hands and use? As an entrepreneur, there is perhaps no thrill quite as exciting as creating a physical product – especially if that product is something you’re very proud of, something that you think could really make a difference to people…

What’s more, is that making physical products is still the best way to make money. Unlike a service, a physical product is completely scalable meaning there’s no limit to the potential revenue you can generate. Unlike a digital product, a physical product is something that anyone can appreciate and something that can sell to a huge audience.

So with all that in mind, why aren’t more people creating their own physical products? Why are there a million eBooks on how to make money from a blog, an eBook affiliate sales and so few on how to create and sell a real, genuine product?

The answer comes down to perception. And specifically, the perception that creating physical products must be hard and probably out of your capabilities.

But the reality is actually quite different from the perception in this case. That is to say, that creating physical products doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, thanks to the tools afforded us by the web, it can actually now be rather easy. In fact, you don’t actually have to do much of it yourself – you can outsource a vast amount of the process and you don’t even need to invest any of your own cash! Read on and we’ll see how this can be possible…

What You’ll Learn

  • Why Create Physical Products
  • Physical Products for Profit
  • Why Now is the Best Time
  • Some Easy Ways to Get Simple Products Off the Ground
  • Physical Books
  • Custom Gifts & Crafts
  • Drop Shipping
  • One More Easy Option – 3D Printing
  • How to Get Started With 3D Modelling: Rhinoceros 3D
  • Ideas and Intellectual Property
  • Designing Your Product
  • Design Engineering
  • Outsourcing the Design Process
  • Is Your Idea Profitable?
  • Preparing Your Idea
  • Prototyping, IP Protection and Focus Groups
  • Focus Groups and Market Research
  • Protecting Your Intellectual Property
  • 5 Types of Intellectual Property Law You Need to Know
  • Sidestepping Manufacturing With Licensing Agreements
  • What is Licensing?
  • Is Licensing for You?
  • How to Get a Licensing Deal
  • Finding a Manufacturer
  • The Proposal
  • Top Crowdfunding Sites
  • Other Funding Options
  • Finding Funding for Small Projects
  • Selling Your Product
  • Ecommerce & Approaching Buyers
  • And Much More!


Product Summary – Videos –

Today, just one person can have the same kind of impact with a physical product that a large company can. 

Because right now, it’s actually incredibly easy to create and sell your own digital product. If you’re willing to make something simple, then there are options that will allow you to start selling physical products from your website today.

But I’m not just talking about those simple ideas. I’m also talking about the ambitious ones. Want to make your own smartwatch? Well you can do! Want to make some kind of device for opening jam jars and sell it from major stores? Again, you have that option. It takes a little bit of work – and that’s why I recommend creating an online business first and using that to bootstrap yourself, although we’ll see how you can avoid the need for doing that too.

There are actually many more ways you can design, build and fund a product – and some of them are much quicker and simpler depending on what you want to build. You’ll learn how to turn your digital ebook into a physical ebook with no risk, how to license a product in order to make money from it without having to do any of the leg work yourself or how to create custom merchandise that you can create in less than an hour…

Ultimately though, the web is the great equalizer and has closed the gap in many ways when it comes to creating hardware. It’s now more possible than ever to not only do all this but to do it from the comfort of your home without ever stepping foot outside. You can outsource your manufacturing, you can outsource your shipping and storage and you can do all your marketing and selling through the web…

Get these 10 exclusive, step-by-step video tutorials that’ll inform you of everything you need to know to leverage the power of internet to create and sell your own physical product.


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