Your Complete Guide to Yoga

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Complete Guide to Yoga

All you need to know about Yoga, including how to become a yoga instructor and how to set up your home yoga exercise room.

In this eBook we will cover the basics of yoga including a brief overview of the different types of yoga and the minimum yoga equipment you will need to get started. Remember you can perform yoga at home or by taking yoga classes, do whichever method you feel works best for you.

Yoga is a great exercise with our without the meditation side of things. Many people are now seeing yoga as a great way to help many medical conditions such as asthma, back and knee pain. Even pregnant women are finding that yoga classes help them give birth with fewer complications. Plus they are getting back into shape faster.


A Quick Overview of the History of Yoga

Balancing Life and Work

Becoming a Yoga Instructor

How to Get Your Yoga Instructor Certification
Why Become a Yoga Instructor?
Costs of Yoga Training:

Yoga and Pregnancy

Yoga and Pregnancy Safety
Benefits of Yoga While Pregnant
Recommended Prenatal Yoga Poses

Yoga Help during Menstruation and Dealing with Pain

Yoga Trips & Vacations

Considerations for Choosing a Yoga Retreat
Yoga Clothing
How to Choose Clothes for Yoga
Yoga Clothes – What to Wear
How to Buy Yoga Clothing
The Bare Basics

Yoga for Beginners

What is Yoga All About?
Benefits of Yoga
Better Breathing Techniques
Where and How to Practice Yoga
Yoga Poses for Beginners

Yoga and Pilates

Yoga and Pilates – What They Have in Common

Yoga Asanas

Using Yoga Postures to Better Your Lifestyle
Basic Yoga Postures and Some Easy Variations

Types of Yoga

The Nine Styles of Yoga
Yoga Types – Quick Guide to the Different Types of Yoga

Yoga for Kids

Benefits of Yoga for Kids
How to Teach Kids Yoga
Yoga Equipment for Kids
How to Possibly Reduce Your Asthma Attacks with Yoga

Yoga Exercise at Home

Yoga at Home – How to Get Started with Your Yoga Workout

Yoga for Weight Loss

How to Perform a Sun Salutation

Yoga for Meditation

Tips for Meditating