Viral Marketing Exposed

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Viral Marketing Exposed

“Finally! You’re about to discover, from this eBook, how you can use the power of viral marketing to make people “spread the word” about your product/service which will give you more traffic, optins and profits…”

Inside you’ll discover…

  • A clever technique to get people to spread the word about your site

  • Exactly how it is possible to make an information product go viral

  • Using social networking sites to get the ball rolling – I’ll even show you a list of top social sites to join

  • Using incentives to gather affiliates who will bring you viral traffic

  • The key to effective viral marketing

  • Just what makes a product viral in the first place

  • Using videos as another stream of viral traffic

  • How to go about creating a viral video

  • Factors that make a video go viral – use these tips to guarantee your video will go viral

  • What to do once you’ve launched your viral campaign

  • Viral Marketing… And much, much more!