Video Sales Revealed

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Video Sales Revealed

Fresh off the presses, this new eBook shows you how you can make more money with video and improve your sales.

When you purchase Video Sales Revealed right now, you’ll find out…

  • The 5 precise reasons why you should use video on your sales letter (qualify yourself for any one of these and you’re ready to rock and roll)

  • Why you don’t need fancy equipment to produce your videos, and the commonplace device that you probably have next to you right now, which will do just the job you need

  • The simple scripting technique that will help you to plan your video – and get the sale – all with three minutes of effort or less

  • A simple 14 step process that will have you creating your video, putting it live on the sales page, and even split testing alternatives, all without missing a beat

  • Precisely how to get video created for you on the cheap, using underutilized resources found in every town and city

  • The exact file type information you need to save your video and have it perfectly formatted for your web site

  • A really simple way to create your first video sales letter for under $25 — and yes, this includes a microphone

  • Exactly how to engage customers with your videos, and convert clicks into sales, all based around tried and tested research

  • All the video sharing site links, search engines and other resources you’ll ever need – provided for you

  • And much more…