The Power Of Mindfulness

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The Power of Mindfulness

Product Summary

Mindfulness is much more than just a powerful form of meditation. Learn how to master and apply this to improve your life. 

The idea behind mindfulness meditation then is not to try and empty your thoughts but instead to simply step back from them and ‘observe’ them like a detached third party. This way, you aren’t letting your thoughts affect you and make you stressed but you also aren’t going to struggle with not being ‘allowed’ to think anything.

This is what mindfulness refers to in most cases but it has also been appropriated to mean a lot more. If mindfulness means being more aware of your thoughts, then it can also be applied outside of meditation and to the way you go about your day. In this case, mindfulness simply means being mindful of what you’re focusing on and what you’re thinking at any given point.

This is useful because very often you’ll find that your mind isn’t perhaps where it should be. For example, if you are walking through a beautiful scenic woodland but you are thinking about work, then as far as your body is concerned you may as well be at work. In this case, mindfulness can be used simply to make yourself more aware of where you are and to actually focus on what’s around you. That means feeling the breeze on your skin, looking at the beautiful flowers and smelling the fresh air. When you do all that, you will benefit much more from the experience.

This kind of mindfulness can be useful if you want to try and fix your posture but also if you want to improve your abilities in sports or just move more efficiently. You can also use mindfulness to be happier in everyday life. Simply try to stop letting negative emotions affect you by identifying them as temporary and destructive. You can simply ‘notice’ that you’re getting angry and acknowledge that your thoughts will be tainted by that. With practice, this can make you a much calmer and much happier person.

The point is that most of the time we have no control over what we’re focused on or what we’re paying attention to. And as such, we find ourselves forgetting things, getting into bad habits or stressing when we should be enjoying ourselves. Practicing mindfulness both as a form of meditation and during the day can therefore help you to improve your ability to control your thoughts and thereby to decide how you want to improve yourself and what you want to focus on.

What You’ll Learn

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: What is Mindfulness?
  • Mindfulness in Daily Life
  • Chapter 2: How to Start Using Mindfulness
  • Tips for Rapid Improvement
  • Chapter 3: Introducing Cognitive Restructuring
  • A Brief Primer on CBT
  • Techniques Used in CBT
  • Chapter 4: Cognitive Restructuring in the Real World
  • Fear Setting
  • Remove the Fear and Date Anyone
  • Chapter 5: Stress and Flow States
  • Chronic Stress
  • Positive Stress
  • Tapping Into Hidden Powers
  • Chapter 6: Why You Should Visualize
  • Embodied Cognition
  • Visualization for Productivity
  • Chapter 7: The Power of Belief
  • Become Socially Fearless With Hypothesis Testing
  • The Law of Attraction
  • And Much More!


Product Summary – Videos –

The first step to gaining control of your emotions then is to use mindfulness – to simply be more aware of your thoughts at any given time. 

We go over all this and much more in greater detail in the full The Power of Mindfulness videos. There you will find detailed instructions on how to meditate, as well as more guidance on how to apply these principles to every area of your life so you can improve your health, become more confident, date anyone and even gain more strength by becoming more focused on your workouts.

Making all these changes in your life and being this much more mindful of the way you think isn’t easy at first. This is why it’s something you also need to practice and this is where the meditation aspect comes in…

To use mindfulness meditation, your aim is simply to detach yourself from your thoughts – not to stop them. You are to watch them go past like clouds and simply by doing this, you’ll find you get some great respite and a chance to recharge your batteries each day.

But as you practice this over time, you’ll find that it starts to bleed into your everyday life. You learn to be permanently less attached and less affected by your thoughts and to instead rise above them. At the same time, you learn to be in much better control of what you think at any given time and to change it when necessary…

Get these 10 exclusive, step-by-step video tutorials that’ll make sure you get started with harnessing the power of mindfulness the right way, so you get the maximum benefits.


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