Take Control Of Your Life

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Take Control of Your Life

Break free from the pack. Learn how to master self-discipline and discover the key to achieving anything you want in life.

What could you accomplish? What would you accomplish?

While you consider these important questions, think about this too. Did you know that a great many over-achievers in life don’t attribute their exceptional abilities as the main reason for their success, but instead their ability to master self-discipline! That they consider this mastery of self-discipline as the “missing ingredient” that broke them free from the pack. That this quality gave them the edge that allowed them to turn their dreams into reality …

This is a secret you won’t read about very often. The reason is it takes real hard work to take advantage of it. But the rewards are enormous …

Learn how to make an end to excuses. Discover disciplined risk taking to take you to the next level. Quickly get your priorities in order. Find the magic of the pomodoro technique. Learn time management skills for winners…

What You’ll Learn:

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 – Winners Rise Early
  • Chapter 2 – Stop Being A Slave To Food
  • Chapter 3 – Stay Uncomfortable
  • Chapter 4 – Taking Work Seriously
  • Chapter 5 – Fitness Builds Self Discipline
  • Chapter 6 – Time Management For Winners
  • Chapter 7 – The Magic Of The Pomodoro Technique
  • Chapter 8 – Getting Your Priorities Straight
  • Chapter 9 – An End To Excuses
  • Chapter 10 – Disciplined Risk Taking
  • Chapter 11 – Everyday A New Opportunity
  • Chapter 12 – FAQ
  • And Much More!