Soccer Fitness 101

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Soccer Fitness 101

Within the pages of this eBook you’ll be able to:

  • 1. Discover the lifestyle changes that will make a world of difference in your playing career.

    Although you are probably looking forward to your pre-season conditioning regime with approximately the same amount of enthusiasm as you would a root canal (although with slightly more determination to see it through, no matter what the cost) we can show how to make training as simple as possible by tweaking your current habits rather than completely overriding your entire lifestyle. No fad diets. No obscene protein drinks. Just ordinary activities that the professionals do every day of their lives, available to you for a fraction of the cost.

  • 2. You’ll learn how to do it while having fun!

    Yes, granted, there are millions of fitness programs around the world that claim they’ll be able to help you to get fit and lose weight while enjoying yourself at the same time. Most of them lie. Honestly! Many of them appear to have no idea that most people’s idea of a good time does not involve inflicting severe pain on themselves while twisting their body into positions it was never meant to go in. We’ll teach you how to take something you already love (soccer) and get yourself fit while having a great time.

Here is what you will learn inside this eBook….

  • The major mistakes that most individuals make when they enter into conditioning

  • What to eat to ensure that you get maximum results in a minimum amount of time

  • What not to eat while you’re in training, and why the media lies when they tell you their products are healthy

  • Basic soccer skills that will help you to keep a leg up on your competition

  • Cross-training methods that will allow you to work your entire body

  • How to formulate a workout routine that will allow you to be in top form when you step out onto the field without killing yourself

  • The importance of mixing up your work-out routine, and how to do it so that neither you nor your body is bored

  • How to get back into the action after you’ve been injured

  • Ways to keep your body working in harmony

  • How to toss a little bit of fun back into your workout routine!

  • And a lot more!