Search Engine Manifesto

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Search Engine Manifesto

This eBook contains all of the information that you will need to successfully get your website ranked high in the major search engines.

Search Engine Manifesto is ideal for those who are new to the art of getting web pages ranked highly.

This eBook deals with “White Hat” ranking techniques.

Here’s what you’ll discover in Search Engine Manifesto:

  • Search Engines and How They Work
  • Choosing a SEO Company
  • Selecting Search Engine Keywords
  • Increasing Your Search Engine Ranking
  • Building Your Link Popularity
  • Protecting Your Search Engine Rankings
  • Top Search Engines

Search Engines should be sending you traffic, not sending it somewhere else.

It’s not rocket science. It’s actually easy. There are just a handful of rules to learn. And then put them to use with every blog, image, and video you post.

Search Engine Manifesto offers you an edge and thorough understanding in how you can make full use of Search Engines – simply by making minimal changes to your web pages and optimizing your keywords!