Scaling Back

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Scaling Back

Product Summary

Learn how to start making life a little bit easier & simpler so that you can focus more on the things that make you happy. 

All of us at some point have wished that we were happier. Whether we feel like our lives are running at far too fast a pace or stress is mounting up and becoming unbearable, there are many reasons for people to feel unhappy even in situations where it doesn’t seem like they would have any reason to be.

In this book, you’ll learn how to simplify your life to strip away the stress and as a result become happier and more fulfilled. Do you want to learn how to accept your current situation and work with what you have to result in leading a happier life? Do you want to learn how to live life happily without a constant need to be connected via electronic devices and understand how unplugging can actually help you to relax and de-stress?

Do you want to be able to unclutter your surroundings at home and work in a way that’s so effective, it has a calming effect on your cluttered mind? Is taking control of your diet and finances to become healthier and wealthier something that you’d love to do, but aren’t quite sure how to muster up the motivation to get started? Would getting rid of those toxic people in your life and all the drama which tends to unfold around them make you so much happier, but so far you haven’t been able to get together the courage to cut them off?

In this book, you’ll learn how to do all of this and more. Scaling back, simplifying your life, getting rid of the unnecessary and hanging on to the things that you’re truly grateful for can help to lift your mood, eliminate stress and anxiety and make you feel much more motivated to be the best version of yourself and feel truly happy and content with what you have. Read on to discover how filling your life with extra stuff won’t give you the inner peace that you crave – the answer is in simplicity.

What You’ll Learn

  • Introduction: Begin with Acceptance
  • Viewing Mistakes as Lessons
  • Afraid to Admit Your Mistakes?
  • Replacing Unhealthy Thoughts with Healthy Ones
  • Training Methods: Learning to Accept and Move On
  • Checking Your Mindset
  • Look Forward Not Backwards & Give Yourself Credit
  • Goal-Oriented Mindset
  • Giving Yourself Time and Patience
  • When You Fail & Lifelong Goals
  • Unplugging in the Morning
  • Be the Boss of Your Weekend
  • Taking Time Off – Completely
  • Off the Grid & Tech-Free Activities
  • Living in the Moment
  • How To Declutter Your Surroundings
  • Setting Time Aside & Where to Start
  • Simplify Your Rooms & Sorting Through
  • Make a Profit & Tackle the Closets
  • Your Work Area & Your Computer
  • How To Put Daily Meditation Into Action
  • Meditation to Reduce Stress & Better Energy
  • Meditation for Relaxation and Rejuvenation
  • Better Awareness and Focus, Better Patience
  • Being One With the World
  • Meditation for Reduced Pain
  • Practicing Gratitude Daily
  • Develop Better Relationships
  • Improve Physical Health & Improve Mental Health
  • Increased Empathy and Sensitivity
  • Improve Your Self Esteem & Mental Strength
  • Healthy Gut Healthy Mind: Simplify Your Meal Plan
  • Boosting Your Brain Power
  • Happiness & Serotonin Inducing Foods
  • Emotional Benefits of Eating Well
  • Benefits of Organized Finances
  • Decluttering Your Bank Account
  • Consolidating Your Debt & Save Money
  • Toxic People vs Difficult People
  • Controlling, Disregard, Constant Taking
  • And Much More!


Product Summary – Videos –

Let’s learn to start putting what you want first and to remove all those distractions and stresses that are holding you back.

Everyone these days seems to be focused with achieving more, doing more and pushing forward. We live in a time where the culture is to praise those who achieve a lot and who live life to the fullest. The more experiences we have, the more we area deemed to be ‘living life’. At the same time, if we can achieve more at work, manage more relationships and have lots of hobbies and side activities, then surely we must be more successful as people.

And this attitude also bleeds into other areas of our life. Commercialism and capitalism pushes us to keep filling our homes with new possessions, while we’re constantly working longer hours in the office and spending more money on more memberships, services and things we probably don’t need…

The price of all this? Only our sanity. While there’s nothing wrong with trying to push forward and do more – and while living life to the fullest is certainly to be celebrated – it’s also highly important that we recognize our limits and know where to draw the line.

The ultimate fact of the matter is that we can’t have everything. We can’t do everything. And if you keep trying to, then you’ll end up not really getting satisfaction from anything. For many of us, it’s simply time to scale back and to start living a little more simply again…

Get these 10 exclusive, step-by-step video tutorials that’ll give you the information that you need to declutter, scale back and become a happier person.


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