Real Estate 101

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Real Estate 101 – Buying Your First Home!

All the information that you need to purchase a home of your very own, including what types of mortgages to get, is right here in one eBook. “Real Estate 101 – Buying Your First Home!” has already been a big hit with some new home buyers in the test market, but is now available to everyone for a short period of time.

There has never been a better time to buy a house. The mortgage interest rates are rock bottom and so are the home prices. If you have ever even thought about buying a home or are renting, you need to act now. Whether you are planning to live in the home or use it as an investment to rent to someone else, this eBook is a must read for the novice homebuyer.

This eBook will teach you simply everything you need to know about buying a home…

  • 1) What to Look For!

    Maybe you are not sure what type of home you should buy or which areas you should look to buy a home. Maybe you are uncertain about real estate prices. This eBook will teach you how to tell the difference from a good home and a bad home. If you want to not only buy a home but also make an investment, you need to read “Real Estate 101 – Buying Your First Home!

  • 2) How to Get It!

    This eBook tells you exactly how to find the right home – from negotiating the contract to the closing and everything in between. If you wanted to learn about how to get a mortgage, how to make an offer and what to expect at the closing, you can find it right here in “Real Estate 101 – Buying Your First Home!

Here is what you will learn inside this guide….

  • The Real Estate Market Today

  • What To Look For In A Home

  • The Location Of A Home

  • How To Get A Mortgage

  • Title and Survey Issues

  • And a lot more!