Preschool Unit

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Everything for Learning Drills – Complete Preschool Study Unit

This workbook offers the entire preschool curriculum. Main studies of language arts and math include:

  • Tracing and printing practice of both the alphabet and numbers zero to ten
  • Learning the alphabet – beginning consonants
  • Learning and counting numbers from one to ten
  • Introduction to shapes, patterns, addition, and even/odd numbers

There are a variety of puzzle worksheets like mazes, word search, and connect the dots. There are also educational coloring pages like color by number and coloring according to directions.

You also receive a certificate of achievement that you can present to your child upon completion of the unit. Children like this because it gives a sense of accomplishment.

Other benefits of this eBook:

  • Large, bold print which makes it easy for your child to follow
  • Lots of pictures and colors to keep things interesting and moving along