Photoshop Secrets

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Photoshop Secrets – How To Get Great at Photoshop

An in depth report on Photoshop® has been generated to help you learn how to use the powerful software quicker. More people use Photoshop because they know that it’s not only expansive, it is also the best software you can use to get top notch photos. Where you had a dull looking photo, using these Photoshop secrets can make it look brand new.

Many people think that Photoshop is difficult to learn. That is far from the truth. You may have to create a learning curve for yourself, but learning the secrets of this premier graphics software will have your head spinning with ideas! You have nothing to lose, download this eBook now and get started!

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Palettes
  • Using Images
  • Layers
  • Using Selection Techniques
  • How To Make Your Photos Look Better
  • Colors
  • Painting In Photoshop
  • Pictures In Photoshop
  • Other Features And Special Effects
  • Resources