Pet Birds

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Pet Birds – Your Pet Bird & You!

Discover The Secrets to Choosing, Caring For, and Enjoying Your New Pet Bird!

All it takes is a little knowledge and preparation…

Owning a pet of any kind is a serious responsibility. Too many people make the mistake of taking on pet ownership without knowing anything about the pet they are purchasing. Often this comes to mean not being prepared for the pet they bring home.

In many cases this leads to frustration; in other cases it causes heartache when their new pet does not stay healthy or does not live very long. For many people, lack of preparation for their new pet makes them wish they had not purchased the pet at all.

Fortunately, this does not have to happen to you! You can learn in advance all you need to know about your new pet bird!

This is the eBook you have been waiting for! In this compact, easy-to-read eBook, you will find all of the information you need to make selecting and owning a pet bird the delightful experience it is meant to be!

Instead of simply walking into a pet shop and choosing a bird based on its attractive appearance or its personality, this eBook will guide you through how to choose the bird that is right for you. Many people who selected a bird which they eventually found did not fit well into their families, or was the wrong type of bird for their homes or lifestyles, wished that they had read this book! If they had read this eBook before going to the pet shop, they would have had enough information to make a better choice– and would have been so much happier with their new pet!

You, however, will never regret the bird you take home– if you first gain all of the information you need from this eBook!

Other people have had a different kind of problem with their pet birds. As they were in a hurry to get a new pet for their households, they did not take the time to learn anything about their birds beforehand. Some found that not knowing how to properly take care of a bird was frustrating and difficult. Others were brokenhearted when their birds did not say in good health for very long.

This eBook can easily help you to avoid all of these problems! When you know the basics of bird care, what to expect from your new pet, and how to deal with any sudden problems or emergencies, you will find every day with your new pet bird pleasurable and exciting!

Learning all you need to know about your pet bird has never been easier…

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 — Choosing the Right Bird For You 3
Chapter 2 – What You Should Know About Your Bird 5
Chapter 3 – Care and Feeding Basics 7
Chapter 4 – Making Your New Pet Bird a Member of Your Family! 9
Chapter 5– Helpful Tips For Your Bird’s Health and Longevity 11
Chapter 6– Enjoying Your New Pet Bird! 14
Chapter 7– Interesting Bonuses of Owning a Pet Bird 16
Chapter 8– Products For Your New Pet Bird 18
Chapter 9– Fun Facts and Trivia About Pet Birds 21
Chapter 10– Resources For You! 23