Newbies Guide to Setting Up a Sales Funnel

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Newbies Guide to Setting up a Sales Funnel

Information overload is something that hasn’t just crept into internet marketing – it’s thundered in at a gallop!

But the simple fact remains there are some techniques you absolutely NEED to know if you’re going to succeed online!

You need:

  • A list, to build up that targeted traffic
  • An autoresponder, to manage and help you build that list
  • An internet service provider (so you can do business on the web!)
  • A target market (you’re still trying to narrow down your ideal buyer!)
  • A payment processor, to collect cash in exchange for your services or products
  • A Domain name (or two) (or more) for your product or services sites
  • A blog, just a place where your market can get to know you
  • A website, to host your landing pages or sales offer

And this is where it gets confusing…

You begin to research how to do these tasks – and discover there’s more than one way to use a website. There’s more than one way to use a blog – but which one is better for you?

Let’s cut to the chase – you need to know how the above things work, and you need to put them together…

But All Of The Above Are TOTALLY USELESS Unless Your Sales Funnel Is Put Together Correctly!

Yep. I’m talking about setting up and using a Sales Funnel. You may even have seen those funny little diagrams…

Sales funnel is a term that is only really understood when you’ve got one up and running!

Because until you’ve seen the POWER of a sales funnel and the automated opt-ins and sales it can bring you, you have no way to appreciate its power.

A Newbies Guide to Setting up a Sales Funnel“, will help you see the true importance of this simple but vital little internet marketing tool.

It will open the door on so many assets you may be currently missing out on…

Things like:

  • 2 mistakes most new marketers make – even before they’ve had time to make them!
  • 2 basic aspects to cover that will ensure maximum sales funnel success
  • 12 tactics you’ll need to know how to effectively use, in order to make the most of every opportunity
  • 5 vital functions you’ll need to know how to simply perform – master these and you’re well on your way to confidence and success
  • 3 vital actions you must take – and 3 common sins you must avoid – if you want to create a successful squeeze page
  • 7 basic but necessary elements every squeeze page must contain
  • 5 entry points to start with (and they’ll help you think of even more)
  • The single most important new entry point tactic it’s vital to know – miss this one, and you’re turning your back on most of your new subscribers