Newbies Guide to Online Hobby Profits

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The Newbies Guide to Online Hobby Profits!

This remarkable eBook will show you everything you need to start, operate and monetize a blog allowing you to profit from your hobby or interest, even if you have no online experience.

We’ll take you through the initial steps of registering your own unique domain name and finding inexpensive hosting that’s right for you and your hobby blog, right through to advanced techniques on how to ‘monetize’ your blog and generate an income from simply telling other people about your hobby!

In this first-rate publication you’ll discover:

  • How to register and set up hosting and domain names for your hobby blog
  • How to install and set up your blog
  • How to personalize your blog
  • How to incorporate graphics, styles and templates to make your blog look fantastic
  • How to avoid making major mistakes when choosing your theme and graphics
  • Which plugins to choose to make your blog interactive
  • How to post to your blog
  • How to monetize your blog
  • How to brand yourself as an expert
  • How to have other hobby bloggers crying out for your guest posts
  • Where to find all the resources you need to make your hobby blog a personal and financial success.

If you’ve always wanted to make money online, why not do it by telling other people about your hobbies and passions?

This truly insightful eBook will show you exactly what you need to do to turn your hobby into an online cash cow.

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Turn your hobby into a regular monthly income!