Men Have Labor Pains Too

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Men Have Labor Pains Too

How to tackle fear, cope with being in the delivery room and be an incredible source of inspiration to your wife or partner.

The decision whether or not to be present for the birth of your baby is a very personal one that must be made individually. This book is not intended to sway you but to educate you …

There is a continuing debate on whether or not men should be allowed in the delivery room during childbirth. Some feel that they cause more problems than they solve. It has even been said that over-anxious expectant fathers are the cause for the increase in C-sections because they cannot stand to see their partner in such pain.

On the other side of the coin, many men feel like they are useless in the delivery room. They really have little concept in understanding what the woman is going through, and simply stand by until someone tells them what to do.

If you’ve never been in a delivery room before, you may feel uncertain about your job. Are you supposed to be a cheerleader, a coach, or an unofficial nurse? It’s usually a little bit of everything. Your partner will need you at every stage, from the first contractions to the delivery and beyond…

What You’ll Learn:

  • Introduction
  • The Stages Of Labor And What To Expect
  • What Happens When You Get To The Hospital?
  • Your Role In The Delivery Room
  • Comfort Measures For Her
  • What To Bring
  • Medications During Labor
  • Cut Me Mickey – Episiotomies
  • Why She May Need C-Sections
  • C-Sections For Guys
  • What Happens Once Baby Is Born
  • And Much More!