Kindle Goldrush

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Kindle Goldrush

A Guide To Help You Cash In On The Gold Rush That Is Kindle Direct Publishing.

The growth of the Kindle marketplace is only increasing. Some people specialize in just marketing books to be read on kindle or other E-devices. Kindle in particular is good because although Amazon is tight lipped about how many Kindle devices are out there… the number has to be a very large one. Many individuals can take advantage of the number of Kindle subscribers out there to publish for the kindle specifically…

The problem with this however has been the thought of “self-publishing a book”. Let’s face it. We are not all born writers, we do not all have creative juices flowing from our brain and landing onto the page. To be honest the thought of “publishing a book” is very daunting and is sometimes in itself discouraging even for the strongest willed person. With that in mind it poses the question… There must be an easy way to do it?

What you’ll learn:

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 – The Future Of Ebook Publishing
  • Chapter 2 – Why Should I Publish On Amazon Direct Publishing
  • Chapter 3 – Joining Amazon Direct Publishing
  • Chapter 4 – Choosing Ebook Topics
  • Chapter 5 – Not A Get Rich Quick Scheme
  • Chapter 7 – Getting It Right
  • Chapter 7 – Getting Your Ebook Published
  • Chapter 8 – Promoting Your Ebook
  • Chapter 9 – Final Notes
  • And Much More!