Joint Venture Marketing

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Joint Venture Marketing

Rushing into a Joint Venture partnership without knowing “The Rules” – even if your product is ready – is like trying to pretend you’ve done your homework… when you’re handing in a hastily-scribbled sheet, filled with mistakes.

It’s putting the cart before the horse, and it could lead to all sorts of disappointing (and unnecessary) consequences.

Like approaching the right marketer….…with the wrong project

But before you even get to this point… you have to know where to find JV potential partners in the first place.

And my new eBook can help you do all of this;

You will learn:

  • The easiest – and only – place to start (it’s so obvious you’ll shake your head)
  • 5 specific places to start your search – and why
  • 1 more place – and why you should – and what you should do when you get there
  • 3 ways to instantly up your name recognition – and respect
  • 9 general places to find powerful JV partners – and they’re right under your nose
  • The 2 best approach methods – and when to use which
  • To Google or not to Google – 3 “yes” answers you must get will give you the answer
  • 4 good reasons to “try before you buy” – even if your JV partnership seems “in the bag”
  • One self-scuttling error to fall into – even though it feels so good (and right!)
  • 5-point checklist to ensure you hit it off, when you first approach a JV partner – even if his answer has to be “no”
  • The single most important thing you must do before approaching a JV partner – and what it actually means to carry this through
  • The simple extra “tweak” to ensure he feels equally connected to you

It’s all the nuances that make the difference (as well as the absence of 4 or 5 basic, glaring mistakes) that set the stage up for your Joint Venture partner success…

What To Do When You’ve Found The Right Partner
There are powerful benefits and a breathtaking potential for expanding your market reach, if you do everything “right”.

There’s huge relief in instantly knowing facts such as:

  • The single most effective type of Joint Venture to join or propose, if you simply need to raise some quick cash
  • The single most damaging drawback you need to be aware of, if you decide to go this route
  • One overlooked but highly effective source of JV partner leads – and the 2 conditions that mean you might be advised to try it
  • The key essential component you have to think about, before deciding who to approach