Hypertrophy Manual

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Hypertrophy Manual

Product Summary

Are you having difficulty getting the results you want from your training? Learn the secrets to muscle growth and supreme strength. 

Building muscle is at once very simple and simultaneously incredibly complicated. If that sounds like something of a frustrating contradiction… well then get used to it! As you learn more about growing muscle and getting jacked you’ll find that almost all the information you come across only makes things more complicated and more difficult. Everyone has a different opinion and no-one seems able to agree on what the best way to get into powerful shape actually is.

When you start out though, it all seems very straightforward. In order to grow, you need to exercise more and eat more protein. When you do this, you start to build more muscle and you see yourself constantly increase in strength. If you aren’t seeing any growth or strength gains, then it might well simply mean that you aren’t going to the gym regularly enough, or working out hard enough when you are there…

And for the most part, this is fairly accurate. No matter what kind of training you are using, lifting weight and eating more meat should result in some muscle mass. Overcomplicating things at this stage will only make it harder to stay motivated and result in poor results.

But over time, you start to notice that you aren’t seeing change as quickly as you’d like. You realize that your colleagues-in-Iron are getting results faster than you and that you’ve plateaued, whatever that might mean. That’s when you start to read into training and learn that there’s more than one way to skin a cat…

What You’ll Learn

  • Introduction
  • The Different Types of Muscle
  • How Hypertrophy Works
  • Myofibrillar Hypertrophy
  • Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy
  • Understanding the Types of Hypertrophy
  • Training for Power, Functional Strength With High Weight
  • Functional Strength & Muscle Fiber Types
  • The Role of the Central Nervous System
  • The Mind Muscle Connection
  • Training for Size, Time Under Tension & Slow Eccentrics
  • Time Under Tension & Isolation Exercise
  • Powerbuilding + Cardio for Supreme Strength!
  • What is Powerbuilding?
  • Drop Sets – The Secret to Incredible Size & Power
  • HIIT vs CV (cardiovascular exercise)
  • How to Eat for Size, And Why it Really Matters!
  • Macros for Muscle Growth & Micronutrients
  • The Importance of Rest and Recovery
  • Training Like a Lion
  • Supplementation, Your Complete Guide
  • The Weider Principles
  • Other Advanced Methods for Increasing Intensity
  • Mechanical Drop Sets and Giant Sets
  • Burns, Negatives & Muscle Confusion
  • Speed training & Instinctive Training
  • How to Stay Ripped When Getting Bigger
  • Your Complete Program for Power and Size
  • PPL & The Training Itself
  • The Diet Summary
  • And Much More!


Product Summary – Videos –

There are a lot of ways to approach a training program and that these can trigger drastically different results depending on your body type and on your goals. 

While we can sometimes feel like failures when we keep stopping and starting on our new exercise regimes and when we seem incapable of sticking at them for longer than a few months at a time, the reality is that starting any new program will normally involve a stuttering start. You don’t just wake up one day and start training hard, it takes a while to find the right training program for you, to build up a basic understanding and to get into the habit of training each day…

But along the way, you’ll learn that there are a lot of ways to approach a training program and that these can trigger drastically different results depending on your body type and on your goals. We’ll learn the value of lifting weights slow sometimes. We’ll see the power of using heavier weights. We’ll discover the role of the mind. And we’ll see why diet plays such a big part in it all…

What’s important here is that you find your ‘why’. That’s the reason that you train and it’s the thing that will drive you out of bed, out the door and to the gym every single day without failure. This is incredibly important because it’s also going to impact on the way you train. When you have a real reason for training and a real ambition, then you’ll be able to dig deeper to find that bit of extra strength and you’ll be able to keep going even when you’re starting to feel exhausted and you’re thinking of giving up…

Hopefully, you will understand the science behind the hypertrophy and you’ll be better able to craft a program that works wonders for you and you’ll have more knowledge to help you experiment with different approaches.

Get these 10 exclusive, step-by-step video tutorials that’ll help you develop a method for training that is much more effective and efficient.


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