Glycemic 101

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Glycemic 101

Glycemic Index Foods are What Your Body Crave

  • 1.Control Your Weight Without Even Thinking About It

    Sugars and carbohydrates are the fuels that provide our bodies with the energy it needs. How efficiently our bodies process the “fuel” or food that we feed it is our metabolism or energy. This process of food turning into energy can become sluggish from the poor food choices we make.

    In this eBook, learn how to “rev” your metabolism back up and keep it purring like a pristine, high powered engine. This act alone will allow those unwanted pounds to shed right off!

  • 2.Lower or Eliminate your Risk of Serious Diseases

    As well as losing those extra pounds, following the guidelines of the Glycemic Index will make you much healthier overall. It’s one thing to look good and healthy, but when the inside matches the outside, then you are definitely on the right track.

    In this eBook, you will learn how following the Glycemic Index is so easy and satisfying and the health benefits are enormous! Diabetes, Heart Disease and High Cholesterol are all directly related to what and how much carbohydrates and sugars we are eating. Learn what to do to reduce or eliminate these threats.

Here is what you will learn….

  • What the Glycemic Index is and How to Apply it to your Life
  • That “Carbohydrate” is Not a Bad Word and there are GOOD Carbs!
  • The “Good”, “Bad”, and the “Ugly” about Sugar and Carbohydrates
  • The Easy-To-Understand Facts about Insulin and Diabetes
  • That the Benefits to Following the Glycemic Index are Huge and Long Lasting
  • How to Lose Weight easily with the Glycemic Index
  • How to Eliminate your Risk of Developing Diabetes
  • How to Lower and Control Your Cholesterol
  • How to Go One Step Further and Get More Results with Glycemic Loading!
  • An In-Depth “Do’s” and “Don’ts” Section to Make Controlling your GI even Easier
  • And a lot more!