eZine Marketing A to Z

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eZine Marketing A to Z

On the Internet, it is very possible to make money without selling any product. One way of doing so is through starting your own eZine, also known as an electronic newsletter.

If you love to talk, this is as easy as having a meeting with all your friends once a month. You simply send out an email to them about what you want to tell them that month.

These can be set up automatically, so you only have to do this once – and then work on inviting more interested subscribers. They’ll hang on your every word, because that’s what they’re interested in!

These bring you income from affiliate sales of products, your own books, and even ad space you sell. So you have a nearly automatic income source that fills up your bank account with payments.

It’s like getting paid to play sports – without the workouts!

And your friends and neighbors will wonder at how you got that raise at work – while you’re smiling all the way to the bank.

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