Dash Diet Dynamite

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Dash Diet Dynamite

The state of obesity in the world today is a concern for all governments especially those in developed countries and with this comes the rise of hypertension and high cholesterol levels. Despite the efforts these governments have taken, the epidemic seems to be getting worse. It affects both children as well as adults. The main reason for the growth of this epidemic is lack of proper diet among the people. Most of the people have limited physical exercises as children spend a lot of time playing video and internet games or watching television.

The DASH diet is not a fad diet, or short term weight loss program that sometimes makes you worse off than before you started. This is a proven system to regain your health, drop cholesterol levels and kill off hypertension. Unlike normal diets, the DASH is not a deprivation diet.

The DASH diet is among the most established diets used for the management of hypertension. It has been formulated based on scientific evidences conducted by experts in the field of medicine. Many individuals are currently using the diet as recommended by their physicians to achieve regulated blood pressure levels.

In this eBook you’ll learn:

  • Chapter 1 – What Is This Thing The DASH Diet?
  • Chapter 2 – The History Of The DASH Diet
  • Chapter 3 – Is The DASH Diet All It’s Cracked Up To Be?
  • Chapter 4 – Incorporating The DASH Diet Into Your Lifestyle
  • Chapter 5 – What To Eat And What To Avoid
  • Chapter 6 – A Day In The Life Of A DASH Diet
  • Chapter 7 – How Do I Shop For Groceries On The DASH Diet?
  • And Much, Much More!