Curing Dog Separation Anxiety

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Curing Dog Separation Anxiety is the culmination of my work. Using this course is like having me in your home, looking over your shoulder and telling you what to do to help your dog become a happy, healthy member of your family.

In Curing Dog Separation Anxiety, you’ll gain insight into dog separation anxiety, and learn important information that can help you deal with the problem, including:

  • The main factors that may have contributed to your dog’s separation anxiety
  • Which dogs may be at high risk to suffer from separation anxiety
  • Why a dog’s destructive behavior is NOT an attempt to get “revenge” on their owner for leaving them alone
  • The key symptoms to look for to help diagnose dog separation anxiety
  • Which breeds are more prone to suffer from separation anxiety – something you really must know if you’re looking for a new dog
  • What behaviors to watch for from your dog when you return home

Knowing these important factors will help you not only confirm whether or not your dog is suffering from separation anxiety, but which dogs you might want to consider avoiding if you’re currently looking for a new pet!

Curing Dog Separation Anxiety will help you sort through the myriad of symptoms and determine whether your pet is suffering from separation anxiety. You’ll learn the key risk factors associated with separation anxiety. But you’ll also learn something even more important – how to lower the risk factors of separation anxiety.

You’ll learn risk-lowering secrets like:

  • When to vaccinate your dog
  • The number one protective factor to have in your home
  • What helps lower stress and improve obedience scores
  • How to use pheromones to lower anxiety risk

But there’s so much more packed inside the almost 90 full pages of Curing Dog Separation Anxiety. You’ll have information at your fingertips to help you diagnose whether or not your dog has separation anxiety, including a comprehensive list of clinical symptoms.

To help you understand how veterinarians diagnose separation anxiety, Curing Dog Separation Anxiety even includes a comprehensive questionnaire – along with an interpretation section. Veterinarians use these questionnaires to determine not only if a dog has separation anxiety, but also to what degree – from mild to moderate to severe. Before you rush off to your Vet and pay hundreds of dollars for a diagnosis, why not try my course first?

If you can detect separation anxiety, corrective measures can be taken before the condition gets worse. The earlier you treat the problem, the less severe it will become, and a better outcome will be reached.

And the good news is that separation anxiety can be successfully treated, through behavior modification and medication. But first you have to know that the dog actually is suffering from separation anxiety, and not from boredom.