Christians and Money

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Christians & Money – A Biblically Based Guide for You and Your Family

I am a pastor, writer, and part-time educator. It is a passion of mine to help shine biblical insight into the practical, day-to-day issues you and I deal with in our lives.

There’s a lot of debate in Christian circles (and non-Christian circles, for that matter) about money. Some of these debates revolve around the following questions…

  • Is it wrong for Christians to gain and/or pursue wealth?
  • Is it wrong for Christians to be in debt? If not, how much debt is acceptable?
  • Should Christians worry about retirement?
  • Should Christians play the stock market?
  • Should Christians tithe – or is that an Old Testament thing? If they should, how much? Is it 10%?
  • Is it acceptable for pastors, missionaries, and/or other full-time Christian workers to pursue non-ministry employment and/or non-ministry money-making opportunities?
  • How much should pastors, missionaries, and/or other full-time workers make in the first place?
  • And much, much more!

To address these questions, I wrote this eBook. For those of you new to “eBooks,” an eBook is a downloadable, electronic booklet – usually much shorter than a regular book. I encourage you to read it.

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