Build Me A 50,000 List Fast!

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Build Me A 50,000 List Fast!

26 Super-Power Tactics For Rapid Fire List Building That Will Blast Your Signups Through The Roof and Fill Your Pockets With CASH!

This is a step by step blueprint for building a lucrative list fast. You will discover exactly what works when building a list for profit, and the 26 Superpower Tactics that will ensure your success every time.

Topics covered inside this eBook:

  • Why squeeze pages are vital to your success, miss this and you really miss out
  • What’s a free Consultation got to do with list building, you’ll be very surprised by this one
  • Tell a Friend and Joint Venturing, how both go hand in hand
  • Why you should host a contest
  • How to get the most out of eZines
  • What’s so hot about giveaway sites
  • Are pop ups really dead or are the gurus just telling you this to throw you off track
  • How to use your index page to boost your list
  • Article marketing the real deal
  • Viral list building, do you know what this is all about?
  • Pay Per Click, Making AdWords work to your advantage
  • E-books, press releases, and news stories, You’ll definitely be surprised by these tips
  • How to use surveys and polls to your advantage
  • The power of freebies
  • The correct way to use forums, Knowing this can triple your success
  • Using Web 2.0, this includes podcasts, audio, and video techniques
  • The power of the Blog
  • Beware of buying lists, What you really need to know

As you can see, you will get everything you need to create your very own list building empire!

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