Break Free From Passive Aggression

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Break Free From Passive Aggression

How to combat your own passive aggressive behavior or that of your loved ones, members of your family or people in the workplace.

Passive aggressive behavior has various traits and levels of disguising the way a person with this disorder truly feels at any given moment.

This type of behavior is reactive and is identified by non- verbal aggressive actions or reactions. Anger and frustration is bottled up instead of being discussed in a proactive manner and the outlet is often negative, with an indirect method of communicating with others about the way you may be feeling …

It is important to remember that other innocent people will continue to suffer alongside the individual who is a passive aggressive. Loved ones/family, friends and colleagues will all suffer this huge burden, all made considerably worse if nobody knows or understands exactly what they are dealing with …

What you’ll learn:

  • Introduction
  • Passive Aggressive Behavior Explained
  • Has Passive Aggressive Behavior Affected Your Life?
  • Causes Of Passive Aggressive Behavior
  • The Pitfalls Of Being Complacent With Passive Aggressive Behavior
  • Strategies For Dealing With A Passive Aggressive Person Behavior
  • How To Survive An Intimate Relationship With A Passive Aggressive Partner
  • How To Deal With Passive Aggressive Behavior In The Family
  • Treatment, Support & Resources For Passive Aggressive Behavior
  • Meditation: How It Can Help To Overcome Passive Aggressive Behavior
  • And Much More!