From now on the online store will only be accepting Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Bitcoin (BTC) can easily be purchased through Cash App.  If you are sending us Bitcoin (BTC) be sure to send it from Cash App to avoid high BTC network Fees. With that said, if for some reason you prefer not to use Cash App, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has drastically lower network fees and faster transactions times than Bitcoin (BTC), which you can read about hereIf you would like to download Cash App please continue below:

Google Android users can download Cash App here:

Apple Iphone users can download Cash App here:

There is a fee that Cash App charges when you purchase Bitcoin so be sure to take that into consideration. You will need to purchase enough Bitcoin to cover the fee and also have enough for the product that you decide to purchase through our online store.

If you need help purchasing Bitcoin through Cash App the following videos will explain how:

**These YouTubers are not affiliated with us in anyway.  These videos are just for informational purposes.

How to Buy Bitcoin on Cash App Instantly:

How to Send & Receive Bitcoin with Cash App:

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